Areszt Sledczy we Wroclawiu (Custody in Wroclaw).


The prison facility was designed by Carl Ferdynand von Busse and was built between 1845 and 1852. It has a shape of a medieval castle. Building material was red brick. The prison has a capacity of 803 beds and additional 46 in the psychiatric hospital for male and female prisoners who require psychiatric treatment or observation. Most of our inmates are male detainees, but we also have a special ward for male and female convicts requiring psychological examination.

Since 2005 we also have a special ward for male recidivists (capacity of 42 beds). Work, sport, education and contact with prisoners’ families are the foundation of  penitentiary treatment. Conduct of resocializing treatment is based on library, radio network, painting workshop, special room for music therapy and eleven common rooms with sport equipment. We also organise vocational trainings which are funded by the Postpenitentiary Aid Fund and EU funds (especially Human Capitale Programme).

Custody in Głogów (Zakład Karny w Głogowie)

History of the Department of Criminal Glogow began in the early 60s of last century. The prison was built in Glogow as temporary barracks and tents for the convicts, who worked as a cheap labor force LGOM (Legnica-Głogów Copper). While they were building a future in prison. In June 1964 the prison buildings were settled. Offenders worked mainly for the GPB building company and other companies. In 1970 – after the introduction of new rules of criminal law, prison became Głogów semi-open facility for re-convicted (ie, recidivism) embedded in a separable. In December 1981 the prison was used as a temporary internment center for people from four provinces of Lower Silesia. Since the creation of the Regional Inspectorate of the Prison Service in Wroclaw Correctional Facility in Glogow remains in its structures to this day. At the moment, ZK smelter is a unit of half-open, aside for repeat offenders convicted of adult prisons. Unit capacity is 314 inmates. The whole of the tasks associated with the operation unit 71 penitentiary staff supervised officers and six civilian employees. Penitentiaries, is situated on the outskirts of Glogau. It is owned by the Ministry of Justice. The facility consists of two pavilions housing for prisoners, the administration building, the building of a protective-defensive and social facilities. Pavilions housing for prisoners are built in the shape of a horseshoe. They are located outside the rooms housing the offices convicted educators, psychologists, and departmental health care facilities, broadcasting system, library, reading room and common room. The other buildings are in such clothing and food stores, boiler room, kitchen, dining room and a room visits for prisoners. Prisoners have the opportunity to benefit from the rich cultural and educational infrastructure and sports – volleyball court, basketball, beach ball, corner of recreational exercise, ping-pong. Correctional Facility in Glogow does not have a school-convicts are directed to other prison units throughout the country. In the area of the local GP training courses are organized within the framework of organized postpenitencjarnych funds or funds. In addition, convicted of benefit from educational opportunities in schools and exchange centers throughout the city. Correctional Facility in Glogow no therapeutic unit for inmates addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are directed to the appropriate therapeutic branches in other units penitentiary. Preventive actions are implemented within the AA support group, “Longing,” which runs for more than 20 years. Impact on prisoners is supplemented with classes for inmates of the drivers under the influence of alcohol, violence prevention activities in the family, activities related to health promotion, first aid . For prisoners and their families conducted numerous meetings such as Children’s Day greeting, Day Family, trips, etc. The inmates willing to participate also in the works for the local community during the various social actions such as assistance during action against floods, help in the hostel for the homeless animals, etc. In addition, convicted of doing seasonal work for schools and kindergartens throughout the city. Work convicted is one of the priorities of impacts and is embedded in the local unit long-standing tradition. Condemned work primarily for the benefit of Local Government Town Glogau. We also work with institutions such as the Municipal Cultural Centre, Unit Military, Police, State Higher Vocational School, Social Welfare Home, orphanage, Health Care, Veterinary, Głogów Utility Company, Municipality of Bytom Odrzański, etc. In recent years, incarcerated more often and more likely to participate in various programs such as environmental rehabilitation program associated with the maintenance of cleanliness in the forests and preparation of nesting boxes for birds, segregation of waste (PET bottles, batteries), the program related to volunteering for disabled people, organized in collaboration with Assembly of the Silent Workers of the Cross where a few prisoners work throughout the year and in addition help the disabled in rehabilitation camps and engaged in day-care, making them more sensitive to the needs of other people.

Custody in Kraków

The unit was formed in 1971 in a former district court as a prison – resort jobs for men. It is located in dense urban development. The main administrative building of the penitentiary was built in 1905 – listed in 1996 as a monument. In 1990 there was a change of use of the individual – in place of the prison was in Prison. Nominal capacity unit is 207 inmates. Detention Centre has three branches residential – two units for temporary detention and one half-open branch intended for convicts. In the wake of the criminal division to enter the prison for inmates and for the first time and juvenile prison for sentenced inmates in the system of therapy for people addicted to alcohol. In the second half of the nineties have been developed and introduced an original program of therapy, adapting it to modern methods of working with addicts to alcohol. Medical care is provided five doctors – two internists, a psychiatrist, a dermatologist and a dentist and two nurses. Infirmary has three beds. Convicted persons are employed inside and outside the jail fee and nieopłatnie. Prisoners employed within the unit perform chores and repairs. Noteworthy is sentenced to unpaid employment for charities and local authorities working out every year about 30 thousand. hours. Under an agreement with the city authorities are carrying out work to intervene in the event of natural disasters, etc. The custody business cooperation plays an important role with the local community. It involves dealing with Krakow universities, centers alcohol treatment centers, cultural institutions, sports clubs and the provision of the criminal community work for the city. The effectiveness of treatment places Custody in the forefront of the national penitentiary units engaged in alcoholism treatment program. Yearly cycle of treatment ends about 120 convicts. Special attention should be carried out jointly with the Social Welfare House in Street. Pinholes 41b in Cracow, the “Duet” aimed at the social integration of people with alcohol problems, deprived of their liberty, by taking care of youth with disabilities. Under this initiative, employees are free of charge up to eight prisoners. The developers of the Detention Centre and Nursing Home in Krakow, were honored for keeping the initiative DUET, which was named Example of Good Practice competition organized by the Ministry of Social Policy in 2004. In the Remand Centre in Krakow Foothills project is cycle training – serving aktywizacyjny raising professional qualifications in custody and preparing them to return to the labor market after imprisonment implemented based on the Human Capital Operational Programme under the National Strategic Reference Framework 2007 – in 2013. The project is located in the area of the Priority I: Employment and Social Integration, Measure 1.3: Countrywide occupational integration and participation, sub-measure 1.3.4 of the Central Board of Prison Service. The project aims to develop a uniform system of support, which will take extensive measures to mitigate the degree of social exclusion of prisoners and their marginalization in the labor market.

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