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The Dialogical Communication and Intervention Toolkit will be designed to facilitate an improved dialogue between penitentiary workers and inmates. It will be developed on the needs identified so far with the research. Will comprise tools, games, stories, dialogical methods (David Bohm) and other relevant instruments for penitentiary workers to use with inmates in their work preparing the release but also de-tense stressful situation, stop conflict, and other risk, violent situations.

The leader (P1) together with the co-leader (P5) of this work package will develop a general framework for the toolkit, framework that will be improved and extended by all partners in May 2012 in the partner meeting (Malta). As the partnership is so diverse, so are the needs in all the different penitentiary, so the Toolkit will be flexible and adaptable to all partners and not only. The leader partner together with the co-leader partner will develop a testing methodology.

The general framework and first version of the toolkit will undergo a testing workshop on the next meeting (October 2012), in Cyprus. At the testing workshop there will be invited, besides project partners, at least 2 penitentiary workers from each country, involved in the first phases of the need assessment.

Also the project partners and the 2 penitentiary workers from each country will take part in dialogical communication training seminar, held by two experts in dialogue. This seminar is important to further improve the dialogical communication skills and to learning to transmit these skills through training courses held in each penitentiary with the inmates. The gained skills of released persons are vital for them to communicate with the important contact person in freedom (family, colleagues, social workers,)

The participants to the testing workshop and training seminar will be trained in using the “Dialogical Communication and Intervention Toolkit” and promoting this instrument in their work environment.

As a result of the testing workshop and dialogical communication training, there will be developed the final version of the “Dialogical Communication and Intervention Toolkit” for penitentiary workers.

The “Dialogical Communication and Intervention Toolkit” will be translated in all the project partners’ languages and uploaded on CLAP web-page, together with the English version. There will also be available a printed version in all partner languages and in English. This printed version will be accompanied by a CD containing all languages versions.


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